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Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. All Languages. More filters. Sort order. Dec 12, M. Ling Tilden added it Oct 04, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About M. Books by M. Trivia About Sands of Kelian No trivia or quizzes yet. Auction Family in Business Since ! If you desire, they also allow you to participate in the ending of the auction and is similar to a live auction while ending.

It works like this. A certain number of items will end each minute beginning at the ending date and time. This ending date and time is clearly indicated next to each item. Kick Off is primarily an arcade game wit h a f oot balling slant, whereas Emiy n is a f oot ball game wit h an arcade slant.

What I mean is, Kick Off is a great arcade game, but it s almost like Speed ball on a bigger pitch. Emlyn, howev er, is fi rst and f oremos t an attempt t o get a realistic game of f oot ball squeezed int o a c omput er game, wit h enough play abilit y to keep the f oot ball fanatic and arcade freak happy.

Sands of Kelian (The Savage Crown Book 3)

It has, f or the most part succeeded. The management section is, in reality, just a series of opt ions to enhanc e the playability of the arcade game and those looking f or a s t raighf orward soccer strategy game had bet t er pass it over. All the footle fans look ing for a pretty hot football arcade game, howev er, c ould do bounc ily c rowd-lik e, if y ou k now what I mean. Its not perfect, however, and a c ouple of tiny niggles let the game down. When a play er is t apping the ball f orward, for ex ample, it's possible to lose the ball to a player Di r ty Br az i l i ans!

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I 'l l never listen to another Car men wh o s uddenly Mi r anda r ecor d agai n. A Kick Of f style radar lobble would' v e helped prev ent this, but you The mos t striking t hing about Emly n can't hav e ev ery t hing I suppose. Again, is the sound. During a game, t he s ound effects and c rowd nois es never let up f or it's s omet imes possible f or one of y our a mo me n t and the c rowd nois es in o wn players to 'assist' b y t ak ing t he part ic ular are abs olut ely brilliant. Th i s 1 1 goalie goes to take a kick.

They really add s lows d o w n a n y ' abs an a solut ely t hbrilliant e at mos phere to the part ic ular mov e, eit her defensive or game and are quite s imply the best and mos t accurate I have ever heard on any attacking, and is a pain rat her than a positive fault. All in all, f oot ball fans look ing f or an On the gameplay front, Emly n is accurate arcadey f oot ball game c ould do totally fab. Just about every type of pass, kick, tackle and head can be acheived a lot wors e. ErWyrr is abs olut ely brilliant there's no mistake about it.

It just falls wit h a bit of effort. It's not just the huge short of the ZERO HERO because of the range of mov es that mak es the game a little niggles, but don't let that dissuade but because it ac t ually plays pretty muc h like a game of f oot ball s hould. As a 'proper' game of footle, it's probably the best around. Attacking inv olv es k eeping the ball mov ing, dribbling, pas s ing and ult imat ely a good shot.

Def ending s imilarly can inv olv e tackling, int erc ept ing or even f ouling. It takes a f air chunk of practice to get t he hang of even the basic stuff like passing accurately but it's well wort h the perseverance. In t his respect the game bears c omparis on wit h a s imulat ion. A well. The fi gures, part ic ularly the goalies, fine start for Audlogenic in are big and well animat ed.

The s c rolling the s. Wi l son way out i n fr ont and what happens? Not surprising really, t ha t Lopez is a ver y bi g bl ok e. He was crap at it. Even the office cat beat him Giving him a sporting chance to redeem his honour, we locked him in overnight for a heavy sesh with Anco's new Player Manager The world 1 1 was might ily 1 impres s ed and1 s" howered awards on Z 1 programmer, Dino Dini. Then t here the c1ame Extra Time; and the world said 7 n "Hmm, that's pret t y good t oo.

Af t er a glory fi lled int ernat ional n career, y ou' re being put out to grass. Failing that there's alway s the t Cup and f ailing that The s quad screen schows players names , pos it ions goal, defence, midfi eld, f orward and also k useful nugget s of inf ormat ion like if O t hey 'v e been banned, injured or have f appeared on Top Of The Pops in a f Concept Man jumper. The Squad N O. By clicking on a play er you get more info about his career, abilit y and state of mind.

You'll be able to assess a player's aggression, pace and morale as well as checking more specifi c skills like tackling, s hoot ing and passing. If you don't like what you see in this section then y ou can choose to boot a player ont o the transfer mark et - or even just sell h i m as dog food, That's race horses. Ni ce to see Cambr i dge Uni ted still ther e. As well as fi xtures and results, this section s hows y our league pos it ion and so can mak e f or depressing reading.

Ah well, if y ou're not doing too well in the league it's probably because y ou're c onc ent rat ing on y our cup run. The romanc e of y our pos it ion as pot ent ial giant killers, I magine the ex c it ement as you line up against Liv erpool in the fi nals. Better still, imagine h o w y ou're going to explain to the directors that you were knocked Out in t he fi rst round by Rot herham.

The Board of Directors take a lot of pleasing. They want blood and if y ou're not careful t hey 'll hav e yours. This is also the place where the c lub records are kept I nc luding a rat her pri7ed copy of the Whit e Horses t heme tune so you can s pend a me l l o w mo me n t mus ing on past glories.

Alt ernat iv ely you can of f er y our res ignat ion and go down the pub wit h the lads. This is coach as in Don 'Negat iv e' Ho we not as in f our Wi l son is a n al l r ounder , equal l y i nept at a r ange of footbal l i ng skills. Here is y our chance to assess team morale, give the play ers a break or better still a bit of extra t raining.

Heh heh It's also pos s ible to ret rain players to play in dif f erent pos it ions and even dis c ov er t heir hidden potential. Perhaps the reas on that y our goalie was so dis mal was because secretly, in his heart of hearts, he's been a centre f orward all along. Then again may be he's just crap. By selecting a pos it ion goalk eeper f or ex ample and pric e range y ou can see what 's on offer. If a player takes y our fancy lovie t hen you can put in a bid and have a bit of a haggle.

Spend E, on a player, then realise he k nows as muc h about scoring as he does about Mac rame. You're presented wit h a 'map' of the pitch wit h numbers representing the players. You can eit her load an old strategy and refi ne it or start a brand new one. As well as set pieces and the like, this is also y our chance to dev elop an imaginat iv e alt ernat iv e to the boring old or f ormat ions. Try lining t he entire t eam up along the goal line and hope you can score on t he break. It won't work but it'll probably guarant ee you a job wit h Ars enal nex t season.

The Li ne -Up. By now y ou'v e probably had enough of icon clicking so hurry y our way t hrough the t eam selection and y ou'll be ready for the kick off. Ho h a Very punny. There are three way s of get t ing through t he big day. If y ou can't bear the tension of play ing a mat c h, y ou can either go straight to t he result or wat c h it at high speed. If you choose to play t hen you'll fi nd y ours elf in a refi ned v ers ion of Kick Off.

One import ant refi nement is that the screen n o w displays the name of the player on the ball. This way you can ident if y the good, the bad and the ungainly in y our t eam. The proper way to play the mat c h is to allow the c omput er to c ont rol y our team while you just c ont rol y our own player. Howev er, if you fancy y ours elf as a bit of a Kick Off star like a f ew people in this offi ce then y ou can c ont rol t he whole team.

This met hod also saves y ou the embarras s ing spectacle of the play er manager puf fi ng and pant ing round the pitch three paces behind the action. Whic hev er met hod y ou choose, remember, it's a game of t wo halves but on the day t he t eam whic h scores mos t goals. Failing that giv e me u Kick Off. Or in this case, Play er Manager.

Alright , so it takes ages to load Ih got t hrough t hree levels of Cabal while I! The range of sections and dec is ions was i mat c hed by the s implic it y of the v gameplay. This was fortunate, s eeing as e t he instuction book ranged f rom v ague m to downright mis leading.

Play er e Manager takes this fault and trebles it. The list of players also ilacks s omet hing in the imaginat ion zdepart ment. I s eemed to spend mos t of z t ime fi elding t eams of brothers, wit h my tl wo Bells, t wo Aldcocks and a c ouple of Fairweathers. It's ex t remely like Noah's e bleedin' Ark. To test this, I t ried a c ouple of Dunc anesque ex periment s.

For a crunch mat c h against Preston, I put my goal keeper at centre f orward, my reserve keeper on the wing, the centre f orward in goal. All t his made rat her a nonsense of the tactics and t raining sections. Done Cup gl or y beckons a nd Cambr i dge Uni ted's attendance soars to 3 5.

Too long loading, too During six hours of much crashing. The game not the mattress. Far more seriously, it wouldn' t let me pick any substitutes for one mat c h and it was my t urn to be sub. I had to be led f rom the room weeping "It's not fair, I want to play! A bit of a disappointment. Softly at first and then Wt he Am Oa z oniW louder, the insistent beating awakens our hero, Kid, from a deep sleep.

Last thing he can remember he was pulling 1found 1 in1his. There's something weird going on round here. Kids troubles pyramids of Egypt, the psychedelic West Coast of the 60's and more - but he's still wearing the gloves and with k your help he may yet find his way back home Five levels of play tqa Collectables on every screen, including food, cash, keys, extra lives and smartbombs 9 4 Six unique magic spells - use with care! Why has every one gone football crazy? Well, it's World Cup year innit!

Here's the latest, it's the officially licensed Manchester United gam e from Krisalis. We briefed David Wilson to see what he could 'score' for us on the 'Red Devils'. Footie ygames are very big business and in the past have come in one of two o formats. There's been the arcade u game a la Anco's Kick O ff and Match s Day 2, and the management type agame such as the seminal Football w Manager and Anco's ne w title Player iManoger reviewed on page 40 in nthis very ish.

No w things ore lchanging, with tw o attempts being made to combine elements of both, a Emlyn's Hughes International Soccer s from Auc. Whe n Ma il Busby took a team consisting largely. Until this time, the 'done thing' was to support your 'home side'. If you lived in Newcastle you supported Newcastle United, if you lived in Cardiff you supported Cardiff City, and i f you lived in Bolton you were very sad indeed. The emotion provoked by the Ma n Utd tragedy gained the team ne w supporters throughout the country and lead for the first time to people being fans of teams other than the 'home ' side.

Wha t about the second reason? Oh yes. The second reason was that when the licence was secured some six months ago, the Red Devils were actually doing very well hem hem. You t ry t elling l a bris t ling Sergeant Major on a Hercules E C t rans port aircraft at 15, feet that rit's all been a t errible mistake and c ould y. Anyway, safely back on Terra Firma,. Man Unit ed is one of the mos t user fmriendly f oot ie games I've ev er seen. As y well as prov iding the opt ion of several k n o w - Thr ow-i ns ar e computer contr ol l ed, you posi ti on the r ecei vi ng pl ayer and the computer figur es out wher e you are a nd thr ows the bal l to your feet.

How accomodati ng! People who say t hings like 'Zut Alors ' and ' Donner und Hi mme l ' use dif f erent letters more c ommonly than we do. That's why the letters on t heir keyboards are laid out differently. This is also why y ou'd be ill adv is ed to take t hem on at Scrabble. You can preset skill levels ov er each of the c at egories e. Remember in the past how t ough c omput eris ed oppos it ion c ould be? Well, if you don't fancy y our chances, here's an opport unit y to mak e t hem really useless!

This in effect cuts all y our t eams factors in half, i. Furt hermore, y ou can opt to switch of f the arc ade bit, o r s wit c h of f the strategy bit, And ll if you don't want to phy s ic ally play the arcade sequences, y ou can sit back and let the c omput er play f or you based upon the v ariables that y ou'v e altered. You c ould even go and mak e a cup of tea, and c ome back and take ov er f rom the c omput er half way t hrough! The management game is t he usual ic on-driv en affair, where y ou start wit h a certain amount of cash and the existing Man Utd.

You can i mpr ove these by tr ai ni ng. On the left we have ue's graphic artist, David and on the right it's ogrammer Pete Harrap. He is a Doncaster supporter. He's a Sheffield Wednesday supporter hem, hem. Each play er has values for several factors inc luding handling, tactics, pos it ioning etc. They can also decrease wit h neglect! Training can be light, me d i u m or heavy t h e latter brings the best results but choose to train heavily in 't ac k ling' and y ou risk injuring players.

Edens Auctions, Inc.

You can also lose play ers t hrough suspension! Ex amine the league t able and the c omput er will give y ou y our fi x t ure list, inc luding the FA Cup games. Your progress is s hown in the f orm of the headlines in t he Daily Spore No not that 'Sport' so don't expect to read the likes of "Man Ut d Star Rogered My Ha ms t e r sHere y ou'll see a s y nops is on t he state of.

Right, y ou'v e got y our team, y ou'v e t rained t hem to the peak of physical perfection well, almos t and y ou're going into y our fi rst match. As y ou'll see f rom the screenshots, the game is v iewed f rom the side-on, s light ly abov e ground level, v iewpoint and what a lot of detail t here is here! Loads of K has been dev ot ed to rendering the s t adium, the c rowd, even the ref and lines men in 'ov erly c olourf ul detail!

The play er sprites are nic ely detailed and gameplay is actually pretty fast. As is c ommon in this type of game, the play er you c ont rol is the one nearest the ball. If the opponent has the ball and y ou're s peeding along at his heels, then by releasing the joystick, the c omput er will des ignat e the next play er f or y our control. Alt hough there's no met er on screen, the power of the kick is det ermined by the lengt h of t ime y ou hold down the fi re button, and direc t ion of kick by direc t ion the joystick is pushed.

If the ball passes a play er at head height then Ger r of! I never touched hi m, r ef! This sort of behavi our coul d r esul t i n the fateful r ed or yel l ow card.

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  • Oh, a nd you'l l al so concede fr ee kicks or penal ti es. Oh, and pressiag fi re when y ou c hallenge an opponent initiates a s liding tackle. Your goal keeper is c omput er-c ont rolled during normal play so t rain him well! If you manage to score, t hen apart f rom the c rowd giv ing a heart y cheer, y ou'll be treated to one of five digit is ed black and whit e goal s c oring sequences a bit like Los t Patrol but wit hout the raw meat and that's it really.


    If any one out t here is f amiliar wit h t he f ormat iv e Mat c h Day 2 f rom Ocean, t he arcade footie game that set t he standard f or this type of game on 8-Bit mac hines , then Ma n l i d s arcade section plays very muc h on a par wit h that but wit hout the t wo play er bit. A huge f oot ball management game wit h a rat her slick arcade game to boot. Hur r ah! A wizardperformance ham the nimblelingeredTame team. WhatsinisterpowerhasforcedtheMagicCanyon ThemePark toclosedown? Whydoesthemere mentionof itsnamesendshuddersdownyour spine?

    What terrible secretdroveits former ownermad? You'retheinheritorof thismysteriouspleasure dome- onlyyouran findtheanswer. Step throughthecreaking turnstile. Niard the mysterytrain andexperienceafantasticjourney throughfourentirelydifferentzones: DreamLand. FutureLandand YesterdayLand. Withoutstandingvisualeffects,sinistersound andan infernal plot,this isonemy-steryyou'll neverforget Surviving it isanachievement.

    Onceyou'vesteppedthroughthegates,there's nogoingback. There you are wandering into your local corner shop of an afternoon, looking out for a few bits of Pulitzer Prize-winning material to cast your eyes over. And you can't find anything you like, and so you've had a wasted trip, got your tootsies a bit on the chilly side AND missed that brillo black and white movie on the box.

    What YOU need is a chance to shop from your armchair. And, fellow music-manics, here it is! Simply make your selection and then fill in the relevant bits in the coupon below. Not to be missed. The hip, hop and happening soul king from the States - all you ever wanted to know! Please allow 28 days for delivery! Read all about W. While we serious, respectable journos were slaving away over red-hot word processors, they skived off to Cambridge.

    While there, they met a man in a pub who offered to show them his software. Every now and then while dodging flames and some rather violent Brownies you come across a shop. Being a victim eighties consumerism, you'll be unable to resist the temptation to go in and 'wock it on the plastic'. Magic: In Kid Gloves magic is a funny thing, useful but random. Casting a spell might save you by turning flames into oranges or opening a door at a crucial moment. However, you can't choose which spell you're going to cast. What good ore oranges when you're trying to open a door?

    Extra Lives: Well an extra life is always useful, but these things don't come cheap. Far better to pick them up along the way. Keys: Erm Smart Bombs: Where would you be without these little babies? They kill everything on screen and so are j b embarrassingly inaccurate. You pays your money you takes your choice.. Much like his n 3 fealised this hero, he soon was a I i mistake and had to lock himself I r! Actually n that's a complete lie. I'd never have guessed. Well maybe not ra complete lie; Tim does have a David McCandless haircut y and Kid Gloves did take three or four months - to develop.

    For what it's worth, the plot of Kid Gloves n is this. While going through your e uncle's attic you find along with his unrivalled collection of Swedishm porn a large pair of gloves which course - you put 0 -aofwise on. This is not move as you are immediately 9 transported back through time.

    And you spend the 6 trying to get home next fifty levels before your5 Poll Tax Form arrives. There are five different time zones 0 - Faraway Forest to get through well okay,, that's not strictly speaking a time zone , Ancient 1 Industrial Revolution Egypt, Ice Age, and, erm West Coast A c weird but imaginative choice of subjects for, a weird but imaginative game. Each era has a detailed backdrop as well as relevant monsters.

    As if bouncing Yogis we re n't bad enough, action seems to take place across someone's Paisley tie, littered with hearts and Beatles drum kits. It ought to carry a warning for epileptics and faded hippies. As you tootle around each level you can collect food, in the form of oranges and ice creams. There'll be upset tummies by bedtime. There's also money and keys scattered around, though true to platform game tradition they're never around when you need them.

    But in other ways this is a user friendly game. When you die you only go back to the beginning of a screen, not the beginning of the game. Better still, if you're in one of those "Oh dear, why didn't I pick up that key earlier on? As the prompt says; "Thank you Albert. Faced wit h a load of baddies, just keep fi ring. If you miss fi rst t ime, y ou'v e alway s got a chance wit h t he rebound.

    This is a very useful feature f or those of us who are not so muc h crackshots as crapshots. Alt hough ammunit ion is unlimit ed, I did fi nd the fi ring a bit inconsistant, like, erm This is one of my f ew niggles wit h a game that in general plays well. My only serious criticism of Kid Gloves is the fact that it uses fl ip screens. I s eem to wit t er on about this in every second rev iew but it's a pain when the action takes place on the edge of a screen. I c ould go on f or hours about a problem I had in Anc ient Egypt. That apart, Kid Gloves is a s harply put t oget her game.

    It's one of the f ew plat f orm games that I've felt drawn back to play again and again and again and. Babies in a nappies fi ght ing dwarv es armed wit h candy This makes it rat her difficult l to ex plain why I think that Kid Gloves is on the f abbo side of brill. The dif f erent t ime zones drip with imaginat ion and humour. Mos t t obviously striking is the ps y c hedelic h mayhem of the sixties screens but my e personal f av e is the indus t rial rev olut ion r section.

    Here pistons and cogs grind, e spin and generally mak e life a mis ery ' and a dangerous mis ery at that. I don't like But this is no t ime h flip screens. Hesitate t oo long and a e succession of large eyeballs start homing in on you; and t hey 're not after a but t erfl y kiss either.

    In Kid Gloves looks can kill unless you kill t hem fi rst of course. To destroy eyes, k iller penguins and marauding mechanics, the Kid has a choice of weapons - prov ided he can afford t hem, For me t hough, t he bouncing pennies that y ou start wit h are the best. K i d Gloves? Berlimey :! I wore mine of boxing gloves. The graphic s are slick and i c olourf ul and as a special bonus for d Amiga play ers it's got s hadows too. On seome screens t hey 're cast by rocks and a blocks and look a weeny bit silly but l when it's Kid Gloves hims elf who's doing g casting t hen t hey 're really rat her the a good.

    The s ound was bif f o too, wit h crisp m effects and the sort of mus ic that goes wit e h pant o baddies. And this time The Easter bunny L come round he ain't bringing choccy eggs. This is Ps cho Rabbit: he's mean, he's meaty and he's carrying a gm! Especial' in two player mode.

    A thinkful strategy game. I think we'd better check it out for ourselves. After playing it for two pica-seconds, the bubble burst. Why didn't anyone weirdol t e l l us it was a blast 'em Leek, tills Is no Hem to evoke, a pass you up along the lines of Oppo Wolf? Basically, your task is to abal, noun, 'a secret plot, esp. Grunts, tanks, a political one'. So helicopters, buildings, gravestones I that's what it's all about! A yep , red cross stretcher bearers, the political strategy game.

    And to think lot. It's all very simple, even for a I took it for just another aim-yourChilean political analyst. Escudamento of Chile, a 'top political Your character can only move left analyst', what he thought of the and right along the bottom of the screen, using the available cover for protection - until it's blown away of course.

    Moving the joy while holding the fire button moves the sights and fires at the some time, while yanking the wibble stick down sharply launches grenades. The idea is not only to shoot everything that moves but also most of the scenery. This renders the opposition 'sitting ducks' and often drops goodies to your baseline. Yummy, a super-duper machine gun. Ooch look! Just what the international arms dealer ordered.

    Combat fatigues. Ex t remely large s ubmac hine gun to wav e t hreat eningly at people wh o don't unders t and plain Englis h spoken in a raised voice. Large bot t le of nail v arnis h remov er. On second t hought s , I might as well leave that in t h e jar. You really can't get muc h s impler than Cabal. Shoot everything, don't get shot yourself. But there are t wo aspects of the game that mak e it a challenge, First of all, you hav e to work out what to s hoot up to get power-ups and when is the best moment to do it.

    And secondly, the controls are, erm There y ou are, mo wi n g down grunt s c ont ent edly wit h y our 9 mm Uzi when all of a s udden one pops up in f ront of you. Quick, sights Tim a nd Tim of " We ' v e got a hi gh vel oci ty water -cool ed machi ne gun and w e r e goi ng to use i t " r ehear se thei r new dance r outi ne.

    Oh dear, t here go my last t wo grenades. The problem is, y ou can't mov e y our sights down and fi re at t he s ame t ime, because that's the mec hanis m f or launc hing grenades. You get the hang of it ev ent ually but on higher levels it can prov e fatal. Yep, y ouminimal 've g o t it.

    Th e y ' r e accessing. But i t ' s n o t e a s y s imply because there are so many of them. One slip of the joystick and all t hat aftershave you bought for the aftermassacre part y is history. The graphic s and s ound aren't part ic ularly ins piring but it hardly matters. You're not exactly wandering about look ing at the daisies and listening to t he s ound of gentle, s oot hing distant gunfi re. If y ou'v e homic idal tendencies and bought Op Wolf, T' Bolt et al then Cabal could well tickle y our t rigger finger.

    GL8 8L1. In case you haven't cottoned on yet, this is the dead serious letters page where we discuss matters of international politics and why the perforations on loo rolls ore so inconsistent. If you want to air your views in public, write to the Ed at the ZERO address and he'll use them to make origami mynah birds.

    Oh, and he might read them first. After reading the J anuary issue and your ex c ellent rev iew of Sim City, I purchased a c opy f rom a mail order fi rm. I agree wit h ev ery t hing y ou said about the game, I fi nd it very addictive indeed. I have only one problem after s pending all day building a city. I go to save the city, bring d o wn t he fi le saving screen but after that I'm lost.

    The handbook gives a detailed pic t ure f or the PC v ers ion but not for the Amiga. I hav en't had the Amiga long as I've c hanged up f rom a Commodore C I promise to buy y our magaz ine f or ever. Keep up the good work. Simon Smith, Salisbury, Wilts. No probs peeps. When the save city screen c omes down, ins ert y our blank formatted disk whic h y ou prepare initially using the Amiga Work benc h Disk , Click on its name when it appears in the 'Volume' box, t hen mov e y our cursor down to 'File' and type in t he city name under whic h y ou want to save the game.

    Then click ' OK' and Bob's y our fourth cousin once remov ed due to an embarrassing pers onal problem. The review is wrong. In Interceptor, the MI Gs don't just stay as dots on the horiz on. I've had t wo MIGs sitting on my tail at about yards or so away. Even better, a MI G has done a low fl ight ov er an airfi eld and I shot it. It skidded to a halt I Undercarriage still up on t he grass. I landed and parked my F18 right next to the MIG, rev ealing the pilot's head. The shape of the plane is rather like the F16 but wit h delta wings. So there.

    Darren Brodnick, Wolkern, Herts. His reply deliv ered by means of scrabble tiles drawn at random f rom the box was this.. Could see the reds of his eyes. His name is Ivan 'Bear Chest' Rudenko, lives nex t door to me up here abov e and he's awf ully squiffy about the whole affair. KGB not v ery amus ed either. Abs olut ely corking good s how c lipping Red Dev il like t hat.

    Theorizing Myth

    I think my c omput er has c aught a virus. Would you please tell roe if I can catch it as it is v ery hard to play games wit h a c ondom stretched over y our joystick. Als o I not ic ed that you haven't rev iewed the inc redibly original game Galax tans in whic h y ou play a spaceship that has to s hoot ot her spaceships. Rory Cooper, Barnsley, West Yorks. It's probably just anot her obscure t ropic al disease, don' t worry about it.

    I've got several. So muc h s impler t han mes s ing about wit h t hos e fi ddly rubber doobries. How do y ou do it? Hu mo u r is ev ident in ev ery part of the mag. I 'm well impres s ed and wit h regard to 't he idiom of boor' - it's well worf emulat in'. Bloody marv ellous , keep up the good work. I 'm 22, articulate and graduat e in June.

    Gissa job. Jason Brookes, Lymm, Cheshire. Loads of people s eem to have writ t en in prais ing 't he idiom of boor'. Funnily enough, mos t of the letters were too rude to print.


    I 'm af raid that we only employ people wh o can s pell 'wort h'. Blac k Shape. Look, I ' m the one who wears the 'Ed' badge round here, Sha pie. What a load of rubbis h. I magine. I've never heard of such a t hing. I suspect the closest Bungle's ever been t o a c omput er was when he was doing the int erv iew lie. I my s elf have a great interest in c omput ers and like a lot of ot her readers in fl ower arranging on a fi x ed inc ome and wo u l d fi nd such a section inv aluable.

    If you can't do 1 this, t hen f or blimey 's sake int erv iew s omeone wit h a c omput er history. Like Thora Hird f or ex ample. It is well k nown that after a rous ing chorus of ' Onward Chris t ian Soldiers ' there's not hing Thora likes more t han a blast on her f av ourit e s hoot 'err up. Yours nippingly. You mus t be c lairv oy ant - we' re at pres ent c ons idering dropping game rev iews in f av our of a fl ower arranging section. Oh, and a bit of 'ins ide' inf ormat ion f rom ITV: wat c h out for J a m Beadle's wac k y japes in the next series when he blows up Thora Hird's house to mak e way f or a nuc lear waste proc es s ing plant, Ed.

    Are they pay ing a mas s iv e wad of dosh or what?