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The law of cause and effect. From good living , we become a better person, gain greater inner peace and enjoy a good life. From bad living, we become a worse person, destroy our inner peace, and get plagued by a bad life. Simple as that. He had so many heart problems, I began to wonder if he was cruel to someone in his previous life, and was now reaping his karma!

She was beautiful even in her old age, so I knew she must have led a good life , and was now getting her good karma.

I began to see that there was selfishness and fear within all my actions and attitudes, so I firmly resolved to make love and compassion the central factor in my life, so I would develop better karma. What goes around comes around , so basically, if you do something shitty then something shitty will happen to you, and vice versa.

John cheated on his girlfriend, and karma , being the bitch it is, came around and made him lose his wallet full of money and ID. November 13, For example, if you do something good, something good will happen to you back.

Karma in Jainism

Karma can be dangerous sometimes. Milkshake Duck Being a Towel Above your raising Pank Rembrandt Octopus Girl Hambug But we are. Buddhism teaches us that we are not tiny, insignificant specks on a lonely little planet. We are in fact a part of everything around us, and everything that happens is happening as it should. It is not up to us to control the world around us.

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We have to control what is within ourselves, and by doing so, we become part of everything. Karma involves the idea of continuity of a pattern. People look for patterns everywhere.

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It is a part of our intrinsic make-up and a big reason for the survival of our species. When history repeats itself, it tends to do so with good karma or bad karma. Karma is not an instant reward system. The more good people do, the more good will come of it.


The people in the world will keep changing. They will come and go. But the more people adhere to the teachings of karma, the better the world will become for everyone. Consider a war which has been going on for decades or centuries.

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The people fighting the war today are not those who started the war. If you think negative thoughts and perform destructive actions, the karmic cycle of negativity and destruction will continue.

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People need to make a conscious decision to change destructive patterns of behavior. They need to spread loving kindness and good intentions to break the endless cycles of war. It requires higher levels of thinking and similar spiritual values. In a nutshell, karma dictates, that if you plant an acorn, an oak will grow. The oak will produce acorns and the cycle of growth will continue.

How it Works

If you plant a rotten seed, nothing will grow. That is karma. The 12 Laws of Karma are not laws. They are more like lessons. They are constituents or links in the circular chain life. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

To set you on a path of good karma and free yourself from bad karma as it were. If the world around you is chaos, it is because there is chaos within yourself.

Santorini restaurant karma greek creative cuisine dining in Santorini

Once you are at peace with yourself, you can be at peace with the world. Whatever we put into the universe will come back to us. Life does not happen by itself, we have to make it happen. We must accept something before we can change it.

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