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Love yourself quotes for times when you feel like you’re not good enough
  1. Self-Acceptance: The Key To True Happiness
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  3. Self-Acceptance: The Key To True Happiness
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Other people are a large part of our composition. Look around and reflect on what relationships enhance your world. Friends are those who support us as our truest self. The individuals in our life can serve as mirrors reflecting what we need to see. Who is in your world? What are they showing you? Is your clothing style glam or minimalist?

Are your shoes mostly heels or flats? Do you prefer to walk or drive? And if you drive, what is your favorite car? Would your preferred living spot be by the water or in the mountains? When you understand yourself , you can structure your life according what works for your needs. There is freedom, immense relief, and genuine happiness resulting from first knowing yourself and then remaining true to yourself.

Life is full of choices.


Self-Acceptance: The Key To True Happiness

Living authentically by being true to yourself is how to ensure that happiness. This guest article originally appeared on YourTango.

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Find help or get online counseling now. By Jan Bowen for YourTango. You need to know yourself a little better. Connect to Your Core. No comments yet Psych Central. All rights reserved.

Get Happy in Life

Hot Topics Today 1. In middle school and high school I struggled with finding my identity. I was convinced that I was ugly, stupid, and worthless. I continually thought that to truly love myself and be happy, I had to basically become a different person. Throughout this time I made major changes to myself.

I changed my hairstyle, got new clothes, and started to get in shape. At first, it seemed to work. I was happier and seemed to be making more friends and getting more attention. I soon came to realize that changing things about myself did not change the way I felt about myself, so I began to search for a different solution.

Self-Acceptance: The Key To True Happiness

This belief that you are worthy of love just the way you are is known as self-acceptance. Self-acceptance is not the same as self-esteem. While self-esteem focuses on how valuable you see yourself as, self-acceptance takes a slightly different route. According to thefreedictionary. When someone accepts themselves, they accept all facets of themselves. The good, the bad, and even the ugly.

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When we are self-accepting, we learn to even love our flaws. In fact, your level of self-acceptance determines your level of happiness. One the most important aspect of self-acceptance is that it is unconditional. Very often we only love ourselves when we are doing well or when we accomplish a goal. Self-acceptance, on the other hand, teaches us that we should love ourselves no matter what.

Even if we fail or make a mistake, we are still valuable.

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This, in turn, allows our happiness to be unconditional as well. Our joy is not based on whether or not someone likes us. It is based on who we are, not what we do or how people perceive us. Now you know what self-acceptance is and that it directly influences our happiness, but how to we develop self-acceptance?

Like any other skill, self-acceptance is something that we build up over time. Many people are taught to accept themselves at a young age and never struggle to be self-compassionate. Others of us are constantly struggling to love ourselves for who we are. We are all at different levels of self-acceptance and some of us will be able to learn it faster than others.

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There are many guided meditation practices that center on the theme of self-acceptance. While meditation in and of itself will likely lead you to an acceptance of yourself, guided practices will likely help more. For great guided meditations about self-acceptance and other topics, I highly recommend Calm for iOS and Android.

A second way to help generate acceptance for yourself is to change the way you think. Our thoughts are ultimately what controls our perception of ourselves. They are the root cause of our lack of self-acceptance and often the only thing keeping us from being happy. Many of us that struggle with self-acceptance are plagued with negative thoughts. Psychologist often refer to this as our inner critic.

3 Simple Keys to Happiness

A helpful way to combat this inner critic is to actually engage with it in conversation.