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Program Approval is required. Thought leadership and personal branding are two essential, yet often ambiguous ingredients in a career strategy. This course will arm students with the resources to evaluate, improve, and employ personal branding strategies for themselves and for key members of their organizational team. The course will discuss personal branding strategies in both digital and event contexts — including social media platforms, presentations, and networking opportunities.

Managing your career and continuing your professional development are cornerstones to success. Whether you are aspiring to your next promotion, searching for a new job, or changing industries, understanding the elements of strategic career planning and professional development will guide you toward your goals.

There are specific professional management strategies that will ensure preparedness, marketability, and competitiveness for your next career move.

20 Marketing plan tips: how to write a marketing plan with free template and example

This course will provide you with the knowledge and tools that can be customized and applied to your career and your vision for the future. Students who miss more than two 2 classes or more than one 1 assignment will be administratively withdrawn from the course. What is a brand? What is the definition of a great brand?

Why do some brands survive generation after generation while others fail after a short shelf life? This course will explore the core principles of branding.

Center for Social Impact Communication

You will learn how brands compete in an environment full of choices for consumers, and the tactics they employ to be best in class. This course will help students develop a deeper understanding of the business and financial dimensions of integrated marketing communications strategy, while enabling them to participate successfully at a mid-to-senior corporate level. How can a professional communicator contribute to the financial objectives of an organization or an agency, in addition to achieving the marketing and communication objectives? How do I make decisions about IMC that will help the organization meet its objectives and make consistent, positive additions to its bottom line?

How do I move the organization to invest most productively in IMC? In this course, students will learn skills that begin with effective business decision-making and move methodically to generating and justifying IMC budgets that can support effective programs and drive the organization forward.

Sample resume for a marketing communications manager

In this course, students learn how to research, apply and critique typography, color strategies, digital imaging, design principles, and visual trends. Students should have working knowledge of Adobe Creative Suites and other relevant computer programs prior to taking this course. This program has multiple applications available. Please select your preferred term. Skip to Main Content. Our Location. MPMC Collaboration Lab Working from a creative brief for a major consumer brand, students will learn how to collaborate in the best interest of their client, and towards the development of a fully integrated marketing communications campaign.

Dates: Aug 28 — Dec 20, MPMC Content Strategy In response to changing consumer expectations, marketing has become less about paid advertising and more about providing value-added content to attract and retain customers. MPMC Dig. MPMC IMC Campaign Planning In today's ever-fragmented media world, it's never been harder, or more important, to develop a strong, integrated brand strategy to connect with people.

MPMC Marketing for Entrepreneurs Increasingly, entrepreneurship is a growth engine for the global economy — marketing is a crucial element that defines the success or failure of a fledgling business. One primary aim of this module is to prepare students for their dissertation by providing them with a framework to successfully conduct the type of research that is critical to management, as well as to internal and external consulting projects. The proposal for the dissertation will be developed as part of this course.

Building on the proposal developed in Research Methods, this module offers students an opportunity to focus in-depth on an investigation of a substantial business issue or problem.

Careers - Undergraduate IMC - Medill - Northwestern University

Students are required to demonstrate critical awareness of business practices, relevant theories, and research techniques and approaches. In conducting and presenting their research, students will have a unique opportunity to apply concepts, theories and techniques, drawing on internationally published literature and good practice, to develop and interpret knowledge about management practice in their area of inquiry. Each project will be supervised and supported by an appropriate academic staff member. Regardless of the form selected, the project must be theoretically robust and methodologically sound to meet the academic requirements of the module.

Our close-knit academic community is made up of a diverse group of highly motivated, creative change-makers from all over the world. We will work together, learning from and challenging each other. Small class sizes ensure meaningful interactions with professors and guest speakers. Completing a dissertation will demonstrate to your employers that you have what it takes to tackle the issues most important in international fashion marketing with real academic rigor — and to propose solutions that emphasize sustainability as well as profitability.

Master the sustainable business of fashion, using integrated marketing to deliver systemic change and profitable sustainability. Graduate Prospects This program attracts hard-working, smart individuals who are passionate about careers where they can help their future employers or their own ventures achieve financial success without compromising on their personal values.

Study Options. Award M. Mode of study Part Time. Duration 16 Months.

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Start date Apr Location New York. Enquire Apply. Mode of study Full Time. Duration 1 Year. Start date Jan Start date Sep Understand the ethical dilemmas facing organizations operating across national boundaries. Apply a range of analytical tools and frameworks for assessment and development of a firm's strategic capability, competences and competitive position in a variety of global settings. Use analytical methods and techniques to evaluate the financial performance and sustainability of a firm's strategy. Evaluate the challenges and choices that firms face when formulating and implementing innovative strategies to create sustainable business value.

Plan, implement, report and present findings of a group-based international business strategy project.

Phase II: Forecast-based Planning

Value-Based Leadership Skills for an Interconnected World MMN Formerly titled Personal and Professional Development What would your professional future look like if it reflected your unique values — and the pursuit of the common good? Consumer Led Fashion Marketing MMN Consumers have their own unique values that reflect their cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds — as well as their cumulative exposure to influences via the media, social media and day-to-day life.

On successful completion of this module, the student should be able to: Demonstrate an advanced understanding of the role of customer insight in marketing practice and building strategic customer relationships. Demonstrate a critical understanding of the underlying theories and concepts explaining consumer behavior from a cognitive, behavioral and experiential perspective. Critically analyze the social, cultural and technological aspects of international contemporary consumption and emerging concerns regarding sustainable consumption.

Demonstrate an advanced conceptual and theoretical understanding of the role of customer insight in depicting the communication and information response process with particular focus to the visual aspects in the fashion industry in an increasingly international context. Demonstrate an in-depth and critical understanding of the nature of digital and offline tools of the fashion communications mix including the functions, benefits and limitations in different circumstances and the techniques and applications of each tool Demonstrate an advanced conceptual and theoretical understanding of the key decisions related to successfully building strategic customer relationships through planning and implementing global integrated fashion communications strategies.

First, the Self Marketing Plan can assist faculty in educating students about the core marketing concepts being reviewed in class. Lastly, the project can provide the impetus for students to begin career planning, a key factor in career entry success. Together, this group of authors has more than 2 million fans, followers, friends, and customers, and has been in business for more than combined years.

While presidents are known for policy speeches, State of the Union addresses and candidacy speeches, presidential graduation day commencement addresses are a relatively new occurrence. Twenty-four graduating classes have had the honor of having President Barack Obama as their graduation day commencement speaker. But if we all were able to have President Obama at our graduations — what would he say? What could we hope to hear from him? And perhaps most importantly, what advice would he have for us? What inspiring words would he share to send us off into a hopeful but uncertain future?

You can learn more about my on-going research at:. For instance, promotions in The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg Businessweek regularly include web addresses for more information on computer systems, corporate jets, color copiers, and other types of business equipment to help target those who are truly interested.

These websites typically will ask for your e-mail address when you seek additional information. Teaching the customer: For service products, it is often imperative to actually teach the potential client the reasons for certain parts of a service.

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In services, the service providers work with customers to perform the service. For services products, this is more involved than just providing information—it is actually teaching the client. The combination of traditional advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations, social media, and e-commerce used to promote a product is called the promotional mix. Each firm creates a unique promotional mix for each product. These are the elements of the promotional mix:. Ideally, marketing communications from each promotional-mix element personal selling, traditional advertising, sales promotion, public relations, social media, and e-commerce should be integrated.

That is, the message reaching the consumer should be the same regardless of whether it comes from an advertisement, a salesperson in the field, a magazine article, a blog, a Facebook posting, or a coupon in a newspaper insert. This disjointed approach to promotion has propelled many companies to adopt the concept of integrated marketing communications IMC. IMC involves carefully coordinating all promotional activities—traditional advertising including direct marketing , sales promotion, personal selling, public relations, social media and e-commerce, packaging, and other forms of promotion—to produce a consistent, unified message that is customer focused.

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  7. Following the concept of IMC, marketing managers carefully work out the roles the various promotional elements will play in the marketing mix. Timing of promotional activities is coordinated, and the results of each campaign are carefully monitored to improve future use of the promotional mix tools.