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They got on Tabitha Black. Book two of His Empire, Denial, is available now! To celebrate, I' Big Bottom American Spankings. Sir Q and me. Switch Girl - Written after our switchy day by my Master girl : It all began in the shower. This afternoon after getting some exercise, my master and I hit the shower Dirty Fabrications. Though it was the grand opening, there were very few clothes av My Personal Thinking Spot. An Update of Sort - Hello Blogland. Its been so long since I have had a moment to even think about this blog.

So much has happened. We added life, we lost life, the cycle of Loki Renard. Hello world! This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing! Words On The Bottom. The Cherry Red Report. I froze and could not move. My arms then w Les errances d'Amandine. Sappho's Brats. Happy New Years : - Hoping everyone has had a great Christmas and New Years and experiences a full of all the joy and kink they desire. My Hidden Dirty Sexlife. How I arranged a nice MMF threesome - I wrote this entire post without a title, and I could not think of one- so this will have to do.

Allison West. Exploring Surrender. Aggression - There's nothing quite like a good, aggressive fuck session when it's been days. Nothing like the feeling of anticipation when it's not yet private time, wh About Spankings. Happy Halloween - 1 year ago. Spanky's Spank Joint. Rope, Spanking and Energy - I was never a Rope enthusiast! It was complicated, took too long and seemed as if there would never be an adequate way to tie it into my Spanking style Jay Walker's Blog. Fantasy thoughts. Wilhelmina Dreams. Dare to Take the Plunge. Been a tough year plus.

Situated in the heart of Illinois' southe A Little Fringe. Tommyspt Original Art.

October | | The Canery spanking and caning stories

Her Desire, His Rules. DD in my past to DD presently! I was 17 years old when I met him and he was 29 years old need I say more but I was Jolynn Raymond's Dark Obsessions. Let My Kinky Freedom Ring! Please stop by the website to explore more. CDD for Life? Pooky's Story. You can help and be elig Black and Blue. Sinposium: Done! Lizzie and I presented, as we mentioned in our previous post. Below are Confessions of a Spanked Army Wife. Ask and you shall recieve - Woke up this morning in a mood.

I'm exhausted- physically and emotionally. The distance starts to play mind games and insecurity crouches in. Needs get aba Sarah Spanks Men. Breanna Hayse Romance. Best British Spanking. Sarah Stern - I thought I was seeing things when I spotted on Twitter strandpro that sarahstern was being punished in her latest film. I dashed off a quick email to Cranky Spanker. You can recover from most physical ailments butt when the mind goes, well thats it. Anyway on a ligh Rollin Hand's Disciplinary Tales. I have health issues and so I need a bit of a vacation while I work things out and hop Gail's World.

The Librarian — Sparkly - The Library I would not exactly describe the library where I worked as a warm, friendly, family environment. The Head Librarian, Mrs. Stodge, was a battl Delicious Submission. The dominance and submission were at a basic level, I Sue Lyndon. It's 2. The Library of Spanking Fiction Blog. Latest Acquisitions - Greetings! Nasty cold, damp weather here. But never mind that, here is your regular fix of reading material from the LSF.

Do drop by and check it out. Arianna's Looking Glass. Natasha Knight. Read on for an excerpt. Free Spanking Photos. Lea's Corner. Enjoy and happy holidays! RoBoSpan - Spanking World. Spankable celebrity bottoms. Alicia Arden - 2 years ago. Spanking Art. Awesome Feeling of Love. Love our Lurkers day 11 - welcome : - Hi everybody, sorry for the dust around my blog, but this year I had more of this feeling that there are simply not enough hours to do what I want to Sexy Spanking. Louise gets the Paddle for the first and possibly last time - I may well be writing this to myself!

The last time I posted on this blog was back in April. Our blog software was hacked and to be honest, I totally lost Rogue's Awakening. That Story -- Finally! That's not the next one in the series? I have other things ahead of that. Lady Karen's Spanking Blog. The Idea of Spanking.

Vicious Dreams and Sweet Ecstasies. Fan fiction would still all be up at fanfiction English Spanking Blog. Self Spanking Honesty. A Spanked Wife's Photo Blog. Had a bad day - A fantasy Getting dressed for school is always a chore , especially as I was running late, as usual. Being all of t Spank Her 4 Real Videos. These are clips of real women getting Love and Marriage in New England.

Is there any kink to report? No, not really. A slight return - for a good cause - Hello everyone. There might be no one out there reading this. I hope that a few of you are though. Actually, I hope tha Emily's Erotica Sex in the Shower and Other Musings I do hope this wonderful year is finding you all well and perfect. As for me Life Under a Firm Hand Disciplinary Tales. It is called a cut crease because you "cut" the crease of the eye with a sharp l Spanking Reviews. Fresh new cute teen, Reverie, gets a hard spanking with school paddl With Every Spanking Life happens Not on purpose of course.

In my trek to being a self-sustaining woman again my need to be in Our Spanking Blog. Birthday Birch - Today is my birthday, and what better way to celebrate than to fetch twigs from our own yard, sitting in the sun binding them together to a birthday birch? Little Butterfly.

The Chase - Her breath came in short, painful gasps as she ran through the trees, scanning for places to hide.

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She knew there were spots; she wasn't completely unfami Spanking England. Mutual Domestic Discipline.

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  • Valentine's day spanking - Here's something we meant to post a couple of months ago, before we got distracted with other things: Some women get chocolates for Valentine's Day. D's Female Naughty Butts. Birchwood Academy. We will be striving to present the best spanking scenes with classroom themes that we can provide. Yes, the Birchwoo Once a spanko,always a spanko!

    Domestic Discipline World. Love Sex and Marriage. Spank Her Ass. Retro Ladies having Hot Spanking fun. Relativity - Everything in Life is Relative. Livia Grant's Protecting It All is now available! Tenth Muse Top. Spanking Stories Blog. Melissa Harding - Spanking stories excite me and I love writing them. I'm Melissa Harding and I'm an author of a number of tales about disciplining wayward women like mysel Desi Daasi. Be even more humble, more obedient and submit wi John D Stories.

    Corinne Alexander. The Barbed Pentacle. Her ritual garb consists of the sweat pants wit Jaye Peaches. All the same content and posts, just a different URL and more functionality. Happy LOL Day!!!! So happy to still be able to make a post for it. In case you don't know what LOL day is, it's a day about our Dani's Discipline Diary. Paddle Stings for Dirty Things - It had been over a month now since I had a spanking and I was so eager to be getting one today! I never really know what we are doing until I get there, The Headmaster.

    The Spanking Galleries. Kim's Kinky Korner. Selamat malam, pagi, sore kapan pun Anda membaca ini, kali Swats in the Hall. The Department of Corporal Correction. Luci Jackson. The Queen of the Wooden Spoon… Why Anastasia Vitsky deserves her crown - The talented Anastasia Vitsky is arguably one of my favourite fiction writers in this genre… and perhaps, in any genre. I have the impression that she is p The Pond. Terima Kasih sudah berkunjung mohon di simak The Punishment Office. Tapi hanya sedikit yang m Spanked Male.

    Questions asked and answered - We just got back from a short vacation. During our vacation, we had a nice quiet cabin, with lots of privacy, which my Wife took advantage of, which live Elle's world :. I have popped in a time or two to read, quickly, but I don't think I've commented or anyt Mr Tawse. Punishment at St Angela's School - When Mr Evans entered the detention room he found that Caroline Clark had a rather insolent expression on her face and was eating Joseph McNamara.

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    • Red Booty Woman. I've had some wonderful experiences and some painful ones as well. A lot of them have been playe Elizabeth is back at a new location. Please visit her and comment on her work - One of the hardest things I have done was to have to stop running this blog. It was an absolute pleasure taking over for Elizabeth and trying to continue h Am I in Trouble? Baby Girl's Blog. A little cup of courage - I have been feeling out of sorts lately. I sometimes have issues with communicating and we all know how that ends up.

      The need creeps up on you. When it gr Flipping SpankCakes. It was so much fun to read and it reminded me Rainbeauxs for Kandy. Thoughts for the days - I haven't been doing this long. See that brief period where I was posting followed by years of no entries? That was the beginning. The and empty time was a The Spanking Spot. As usual it is due to real life competing priorities that sometimes spanking needs to t Nobody Said it Would be Easy. Mommy Life - I haven't posted in forever. I have been so consumed with this tiny angel that has taken over my life. She is absolute perfection. Even almost four mont The Vanilla Submissive.

      For over a year it' Alex in Spankingland. Love of my Life, Head of the House. A few answers What about yours? And also, what are my hobbies? My hubby says his favorite is our paddle be Get Your Daily Spankings. I'm sure you all know by now that Blogger has waged war on "adult" blogs, and will no longer allow nudity or sex Getting Spanked. Victorian Call Girls - Yes they had hookers in Victorian times. And we are doing our best to expose you to what might have actually happened between two dollymops in Victorian ti Bobb's Room.

      Firstly it is the way, in the pho A Divine Destiny. Tears and 'Barbie' Fears - First, big thanks to Ambyr and Danyelle for responding to my idea about summarizing the Bimbo High series in a cap or post - really appreciate it! Anyone e Cara Memutihkan Kulit Wajah - Cara Memutihkan Kulit Wajah - Pemutihan kulit adalah topik yang kontroversial dan satu yang pasti menimbulkan banyak pertanyaan dan kekhawatiran.

      Juga dise BadFranz's Spanking Blog. The Spank Shop. I have a very special story to post and then I'm going to make an announcement. Why is the story so special? The Memories of a Strict Uncle. New British spanking censorship comes into force, or does it? Purple Woman. My story is of a conservative theology professor in an ultra-conservativ Learning Domestic Discipline.

      Monthly Recap: November - Whew, November has finally come to an end! Kind of a weird name, right? Ms Clara Hewitt. Another Country. Too tight-fitting jods - Can a good-looking bottom look any better than it does in a really nice pair of jodhpurs? Forget Spanx and all that body-shaping stuff, a really expensive Not My Original Vows.

      This pride is t Bright Bottom. Aries Rankin - 5 years ago. Joey and Friends. Margaret asking her if we could have dinner. I indicated that I would provide all of the food including d Please let me know if there is any interest in doing a paddle drawing Sara's Submission. Alasannya suka Brasil karena lebih emosional. Saya sejujurnya be Pamela the Sub. Exposed - Master believes I have an exhibitionist bent and he is probably right. Bent Alice.

      Over the last few days, Jennifer had Lizzie's Blog. My Journey: Virtual Deviance - Although I avoided typical sexual exploration during my teen years, I explored another avenue: online. Of course, at the time I did not connect my spanking His Desires. The Woody Back to School Unit. Bryan's New Spanking Blog. If looks could kill. She even went one step further by admitting to herself that she probably deserved a spanking anyway for the small part that she had in Elaine being grounded in the first place. The same vision was sure to appear several times over the coming week.

      Day after day had passed and Bri desperately wanted to speak with Lainey. That question was burning Brittney up. After all, she was an adult and she could flat out say no and move on if she wanted to. Elaine reached the kitchen and kissed her mom on the cheek as her mom stirred the scrambled eggs.

      As she headed to the table Mrs. Ferris said to her daughter that Brittney had called several times that morning already and that she wanted Elaine to call her back. She had no earthly idea that for ten days straight Brittney had pictured the scene in her head several times a day. The whole ensemble complimented by her white shoes and white ankle socks that had a few rows of ruffles at the top.

      Thankfully she had Tim with her for the ride to keep her mind active. Ferris served lemonade. The conversation itself was somewhat mundane as they were all discussing the different things that they may do that day. The table that they were all sat at was against the back garden window with Mrs. She was genuinely embarrassed and wished for any potential spanking to be over with as soon as was humanly possible.

      With a very stern tone of voice Mrs. Almost rhetorically Mrs. It was second nature to Mrs. Brittney buried her head in embarrassment as she heard all three of them all chuckle at that comment. One thing about Mrs. Ferris was that she was a firm believer in her daughter being responsible for her own behavior. Nobody could be assigned blame for the choices that Elaine made. Ferris had a meeting with her daughter and they had discussed in detail what had happened on that fateful Friday night and why she had missed her curfew.

      Ferris would just get on with it and hurry up and finish. That was a secret that she would keep to herself. It was like their own little secret society. That was the pronouncement that the maternal palm had landed on the pretty blue nylon panties for the last time. A total of 29 spanks in all when you count the eight seat scorchers that started off the spanking. Ferris though? Brittney stood and smoothed down her skirt as Mrs. Even if that is to offer some criticisms. I put a lot of work into writing this story so I would like to get some type of feedback for it. Who are these people?

      Is Mrs. And finally we have Tim as a wildcard, whose girlfriend seems to know that he might spank her. I also received many responses the last time as well suggesting that Tim spank the mom. I also enjoy willingness of the spankee to get spanked. Sanderson stood within his eye line, swished his cane through the air two or three more times, then tapped it against the desk. With his heart bounding so hard he was sure blood would soon pour out of his ears he leaned forward, resting his stomach on the desk top with his arms stretched to his front and overhanging the end of the desk.

      Two attractive, nicely formed buttocks became fully outlined at the top of long slim legs, encased in close fitting pale-grey trousers. The trousers had tightened significantly around his buttocks, and waves of anxiety mixed with excitement ebbed and flowed through him. Sanderson tapped away with his cane, took aim and then after drawing his arm back a little, he thwipped the cane across both buttocks.

      Gerald whelped and could feel a thin red line appear under his trousers. His blood pressure was soaring, rushing to all parts of his body, but especially to his groin which was throbbing much more than his backside. Gerald gasped and jerked his head. He felt it and realised he enjoyed the sensation of the glowing pain very much. Never before in his life, not even when wanking to the most exciting corporal punishment videos, had he experienced such sexual pleasure. Sanderson landed the third and fourth cuts close to the previous two. Had Gerald been an experienced receiver of the cane, Sanderson would have landed them right on top of the first two; but he feared the agony of this might just put the boy off CP for life.

      Even so, Gerald was jerking his body from side to side; a reflex action against the pain. Sanderson thwipped down strokes five and six. It was over: six strokes of the cane. Gerald was still lying across the desk, unsure what to do next. His bottom was sore, but he was not in agony. He was a little disappointed; he had expected a caning to hurt much more. He read his thoughts. The beating had been a little disappointing, but next time, he felt sure, it would be awesome. Gerald retrieved his tools, returned to his van and drove away, passing a youngster on a bicycle at the end of the driveway.

      Sanderson replaced the cane in the cupboard and was making his way back to the kitchen when the front door opened and James Phipps entered. He was nearly six feet tall and well built. He had thick brown hair overdue for a cut! James was twenty years old and worked at a nearby supermarket. Even though his face was suntanned, he clearly blanched when he saw Sanderson waiting for him in the hallway.

      We have a little unfinished business regarding your missed curfew. He had agreed the rules and he must abide by them. Miserably, James did as he was asked.

      Teresa Joseph

      As he entered the room, Sanderson was already placing one of the straight-backed chairs into the very centre of the study. Glumly, James watched as his landlord strode across the room and picked up a bedroom slipper from in front of the open fire. Then, Sanderson sat himself down in the chair, spread his legs wide and called over to James. Tagged: anal , briefs , cane , caning , cop , police , punishment , underpants. Leave a comment. The air was heavy with cigarette smoke. The two men were chatting behind the counter, waiting for the flood of punters who would arrive as soon as the city offices closed.

      It was unmistakably a sex shop. The windows were blacked out, there were tacky neon signs and entry to the shop was via a beaded curtain. There were rows and rows of magazines, ranging from the tame to the explicit, though the latter were censored due to the Obscene Publications Act. Boyish runaway Peter, just 21, gazed naively at the contents of the shop. Mainly to married men. City gents. Public school types. Some of the gay stuff is pretty hot. Zig has been the spur, all that bisexuality stuff. And what about this stuff, the spankers as you call them?

      Our best sellers, they are. The English are just mad about the stuff, especially the caning mags. Pleasure from pain.

      Spanking Stories

      Very popular, all the same. Of course, a lot of them are into it. In a big way. Caning especially! Got any tips for me when we do get raided? I think they cream off some of the stuff for themselves, the wank mags, the spankers. Just make sure you do as they say.

      We used to sell them, but the cops kept nicking them. You better had. Suddenly, the influx of customers arrived. Of course, some had guilty expressions, red faces and others had indulged in some Dutch courage. Peter enjoyed flirting with the older punters, as he slipped their purchases into discreet brown paper bags. Trade was brisk that evening. It was a night that Peter would never regret. The two men became regular sexual partners.

      The arrangement suited young Peter as he could never pull the girls. Both were curiously dispassionate about their affair and it never really developed into love. A few months later, there was a police raid on the premises. Rick was absent, so young Peter had to handle things alone. A substantial amount of magazines was seized. Rick was furious but at least none of the more, ahem, specialised material was found by the coppers. The following few days at work he was completely downcast. Our paths cross a lot, as it were.

      I sometimes slip them a few spankers to keep them sweet. I just like to oil the cogs of the machines of justice, as it were. Now bite your lip, unless you want a good hard caning from your boss? His mind was in turmoil following the raid, and about his relationship with Rick. He was even beginning to feel guilty about working in the shop and how it would impact on his life and career.

      A few days later, two policemen turned up at the shop at closing time. They had brought many of the seized magazines back with them, so Peter was tasked with unloading them from the Austin panda car. Soon the car was emptied, and the police sergeant sent the driver on his way. But if you insist. Come upstairs for a beer, you too Peter. The presence of Sergeant Mark was making him nervous. After all, he was the cop who had fronted the raid on the premises. However, soon all three men were enjoying cans of frothy Watney Truman bitter while a Roberts transistor radio piped an offshore pirate station around the flat.

      It was orders, of course. I think the raid terrified young Peter here. I had no idea. Perhaps the lad should have a taste of my cane? He must learn to help the rule of law! Soon Rick returned from the bedroom with a swishy rattan school cane in his hands. He gave it to the sergeant. He was scared. Scared of the sergeant, and scared of Rick.

      More than anything, he was scared of that cane. Evidently not! He decided to comply to the letter, in the hope of some clemency or maybe a reduction in the number of strokes. Sighing, he let his jeans fall, and then his less than clean string pants followed. The sergeant was enjoying the view, as was Rick. Their plan was working perfectly. Peter had been set up!

      The sergeant flexed the cane enthusiastically. He was going to enjoy this! A deep red line appeared. It was a good cane. It was a very good cane!